Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poker Night!

Yesterday my old schoolmates came down to penang for their short holiday. i was so glad that they called me because honestly i miss them. im so lonely in penang because no one is around like last time. We went to queensbay, god queensbay is so boring now... its just so big for no reason. If u have a purpose for going there then acceptable but if u want to lepak... its not the place at all because they seriously dont have a place to lepak without u having to buy anything of course.
we all ate in pizza hut and i seriously cant remeber the last time i had that. I prefers dominos because the pizza dough is better and its tastier. seriously.after that they wanted to go for shisha but then it was closed. Im glad because i dont like shisha. a waste of money. XD

so anyway, tajul said that he wanted to go for lien chi kang(betul ke?) at gurney drive.... well, i prefer my leng loi tong soi. Wait till i give them a taste of the lengloi, surely diaorng will come again!.. hehhe... after that like around 10.30 they wanted to go to batu feringghi and buy some dvd but when we got there... guan the dvd shop guy told me got rush so they had to close down.. the whole stretch of batu ferinngi not even one is selling. too bad for my friends because we thought we'll buy something to watch then watch it at my house in batu ferringi. However, something better came up. we played poker....!!!!!, according to tajul he knows how to play poker and the last time i really played was a few years ago so i also had forgotten but one game that i remembered very well was poker speed! that is a fun game la and they enjoyed too!

we played and played till it got so late. when i reach home it was like 3 in the morning and i went straight to bed. barely can open my eyes while playing last night. hehehe...so today i thought i would have some time by sleeping till noon but then at 10 am sharp my mom called me and woke me up. sommore scolded me for coming home so late and that my exam is so close la and let it be the first and last time going out. Dah plak! I guess she does not know how lonely i am. I dont blame her because i dont tell her anything about my life. safer.

ok, going to have branch now and then might going to study! or wait for someone to appear online in msn or ym....


Sunday, April 26, 2009

busy busy busy

Today has been a very busy day for me. Busy in a good way bc then i dont have to think much. My exam is so near and im scared to death. In class today instead of fully paying attention, i talked to dillon, then listen to the radio together then make jokes and laugh together untill Kaling our lecturer look at us like one kind.. That boy ar really budak2 still.. hehe.. No la, he's actually really nice person. He and i had the same impression on each other when we met at college. I did not like him and so does he. Dont know how now we became quite good friends. Hehe. im glad we did.

Class was tiyering today. Im exhausted and i really wanted to sleep untill dillon online on msn then we chatted then i laughed like gila2 because of his jokes. Funny guy. Laughing is a great medication to be honest with you guys, seriously i was really down when i got home just now.. talk laugh talk laugh.. suddenly energised back..

ok, i guess i have nothing much to talk about tonight and if i were to continue i might ended up telling u from a to z what i did today, so lets not make it dull...


Thursday, April 23, 2009


for the past 2 days i have not update my blog bc there are few things that has happened. One part of it is good news and other is just bad. I talked to A recently but only through sms. A could not bring A'self to talk to me so A thinks sms is easier. it breaks my heart that A does not appreciate me. i broke down so that's why i needed few days to gather back my life bc everytime i talk to A... my life just stop.

forget about that, the good news is that my brother is getting married. not ikmal, but ikrami. Somehow, he was able to convince my parents to let him get married. He is getting married to a kelantanese woman who in my opinion is pretty, educated and friendly. If were to compare with his ex, i prefers his new woman. So ok ppl, block your calendar on the 14th of november 2009 because that is the wedding date and we are doing it in Tabung Haji Dewan Mutiara.

i know, dewan? we usually do it in a hotel like we did for my sister, but this time around we are not doing 3 days of wedding but only one day. so we decided to invite everyone this time around as the hall is able to occupy 500 guests. SO everybody is invited. However, pls rsvp with me first for your seats.

Im very happy for my bro because he has been used and cheated by other girls before and to see him finally settling down with a better and more matured woman. Very happy for him. Now the problem is that i have nothing to wear. Of course i need to look my bestest. My reputation is at stake here ok. hehe...

oh yeah, on wednesday i went for my driving. The instructor only stayed with me for like 7 minutes explaning what i have to do. Then he said "u can drive so drive yourself lo" so i pun drive lo.. i drove for like 3 hours with a self declared ten minutes break. hehe...
by the time i finished doing the hill, side parking, and 3 pointer. I was an A student lah. I pass with flying colours! so tommorow evening im going to take my L licence and i really hope they have it done earlier.


Monday, April 20, 2009

series of movies

OK, i know some of u may know that im a movie fanatic. yes, like other kids they like to play their ps2 and games but i like to invest my money and time to watch a good movie. i'll admit, i've learnt plenty through out this series and i've cried plenty as well... so, here's my guide on series that everybody should consier!

ok so here are some series that i have been watching and i would certainly say that they are pretty good and i love every one of it...
i have watch so far till the latest one they have....

weed is a story of a woman who sells weeds in order to support her family. very lucrative kind of a movie because u u sually get this type of movies played by black ppl but in this series its really kinda international. its a good series to start on and there are some really hot chicks and dudes! B!

grey's anatomy tells u story about different ppl lives but what tehy do for living is the same. from this story it really show you how crazy doctors can be but in real life i dont think doctors are that fun. it is very interesting in many aspects. one should watch it in order to underdstand.
the cast involves are cast that are famous and this movie is full with humor. but in my opinion, the main chracter, the lady i had forgotten her name is really drmatic. but the movie it self is good! B+

brother and sister is a slow but very very interesting series. life is complicated and they are able to show it. the best part of this series is that it is real! real as in each and everyone character is almost the same with my family. it has a family of five. same as me... and one is a lawyer... soon to be like me... so i would say this is certainly a good movie to watch when you're bored! B+

private practise is another doctor story. it is interesting but not as good as grey's anatomy. why? because its unrealistic to compare to human context. but it is a series that is worth watching right after grey's anatomy. B-

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is the ultimate best damn series i've watched. i like all the characters and the actress. they really play the role as in the series are their lives. i think its very very original and yes, it may looked like a woman's story but once u really sit down and watch it..
any guy or girl would really love it. And if u think its not good.. that means you are incredibly stupid and snobbish! A!

This is a cerita budak budak. according to my cousin who watched the early version of 90210, this one is lamer. I do think that it is not a very good one but it is most definately great when u have nothingto watch. it is also fun to keep uptodate to thios story bc their lives are somewhat we say we can only dream about. so if u dream to be a rich kid, this is your movie bc it rocks! in a way...... the cast is good except for a few which i think is really acting when you are suppose not to! B

Gossip girl is to me better then 90210. Not much a difference but its worth watching because of the story line. It is also about rich kids blah blah but what makes it interesting it the amount of bitchiness in it. serena vanderwoodson(i think) does not fit well in this story. the little sister as well not so good. IT is interesting to watch if u are the bitchy type material which i am.

privileged is an awesome but ridiculous story. its awesome in a sense that it is a different kind of series. season 1 of the movie is good enough to make me keep on going to the next one but unfortunately, batu ferringgi and yes, my stock exchange market does not have the continuous season just yet. a girl that has a journalism degree gets paid 1800USD a week to teach 2 spoilt twins. but one thing sad about this movie is that she never spend the money
she gets. too focused on the drama.! B-!

ok! if u know me well, u would also know that i dont watch ghost movies. i really dont bc the vivid images may just haunt me especially at night when im about to go to sleep. but this is a different case. i was forced to but this series bc there was nothing left to watch and i make it a point to watch it with someone else. not alone. this is a unique story because it is not a
continuous story but a different storyline every episode. so this is a movie
that can be watch at anytime and in between time except for at night that
is. interesting enough to continue buying the 2nd season. B-!


Today i thought would go by very slowly because im too lazy to study and i think i ought to give some me time because yesterday i studied for like few hours.. I almost got a passed in my motivation assigment. 8/20... 9 is a passed by the way.
later in the afternoon, i went to gurney because there were suppose to be some good sales on watches at my fav shop, echo park.... so me and my cousz when there and we were like the first to know about the watches sale, but dissappointingly the watches were lame and was still too expensive although it had less 50 %. THAT SUCKS!
being so dissappointed, we decided to use some of our money which were suppose to go to the new watches to NANDOS. now they have this promotion where you pay RM28 then u'll get 1 full plate full of chicken wings, beef sausages and somemore chicken. it was worth the money but u have to share because i dont think one person can eat the whole plate.
Then we decided to go to batu ferringi to buy some dvd but AGAIN dissappointed because the dvd guy was not there. some policeman was like aroud the neighbourhood so they dont dare to sell, however, they were some daredevils and i managed to get the latest SKINS season 3. they change the whole cast so im hoping its so much better then the previous ones.
i now have a problem with facebook. in my email i received comments from my friend but when i went to check, its not there. something is wrong somewhere and i hope it magically repair itself because if not im giving up on facebook. would ending facebook be commiting suicide on my social life? we'll see...
below is a picture of me that matin(my cousz) took.
what do u think?
i think i look so gorgeous!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


ok, so yesterday my parents suprised me when they just appeared in front of the house. they were suppose to come home today but they felt guilty leaving me alone for so many days, so they decided to come home UNANNOUNCED!.
ok the thing is, im glad they are home and all but this is their 2nd time doing this. sneaking up on me. the first time lagi la i panicked because the house was in a mess and **** were everywhere. yes i have to censore it because now im scared that they even read my blog. for those who know me well would know what i mean. and if you are rerally wondering, at the end of the box it is says veni. vedi. vici. get me now? nvm...
the first time they did it was like few months ago when they told me that they would be coming back the next day but ended up arriving a day before..
this is the second time and guess what.. same scenario....
they always do it the same way,.... open the door slowly, creep themself in the house and then go to sleep without even telling me and that is provided i am not infront watching tv.
the last time i was in my room and it scared the shit out of me because when they got home they did not make a sound untill my mom decided to put something near my room. i was so shocked to see them untill to a point i had to literally pinch my mom..
but yesterday i was infront watching tv and yes the **** were around but i got lucky because i distracted them then without them noticing it i hide it away!

another not so good news is that i found out that i would not be driving the tin car after all..
i dont know if i feel relieved or sad but thinking that u have your own car really gives me the freedom to go anywahere at anytime but now that is taken away i dont know what to say. my dad told me that i would be driving my bro's kelisa. i know its smaller and should be easier to drive but its not mine and i have to share and by the looks of it... i'll never get the car to myslef bc he is never around. my dad does allow me to drive his toyota which is much better but the car is kinda big and scary..
well, we just have to see then..

pictures of me in singapore!

in every pictures, it seems that im bigger then usual!

i hate this picture!

the singapore murtabak!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

another day

ok so today is the 4th day since my parents left to kl.tomoorow would be the 5th days.. i really hate it when im alone.. i really dont like it when i cant follow them.. but then i can actually follow but then i would not have done my license if i follow them.. so nothing much happen today except that i watch tv the whole day.. first time i watch harry potter the order of phonex.. i think its getting lamer...
yeah its boring.. other then that after the whole day of watching tv i studied for i think 3 hours? no.2 hours...
i studied business studies motivation.. i did one essay and yes it took me 2 hours and 3 papers full with writting.. im going to pass it tomorrow and i hope drkarling would mark it asap because the mark determines whether i can consider the topic of motivation at y finger tip. i think i can do it if motivation comes out.. i really hope i pass my a level this time. really looking forward to se my parents happy. when i heard my mom was so happy to hear me and ikmal pass the computer test, i really want to hear her being happy again you know?...
well, since i dont want to spend money on dinner tonight i think i might just cook something...

Friday, April 17, 2009

bombastic words

ok so i did managed to pray yesterday but i did not manahed to read law..im planning to do it later because everytime i watch something on tv i always feel bad because my exam is so damn close and i need to pass it in order to move on with my life. yes i do feel like my life is not moving at all because literally i have not done anything that is great or progressive.
so i really want to pass my a level this time and move to kl...
who knows, life could be so much better there and i would finally meet someone special...well, truth to be told, i've longing for a friend slash companion.. someone to talk to... and someone to hug...
yes, hugging to me its something that no word can say it because its much better then great. and there's no other word then great right?
nvm, so yesterday when i was watching this series called october road... a guy who just proposed to his gf started to show off the ring that he had bought for her by saying "who would have thunk that". yeah.. the thunk.. i have never hear or read a word "thunk" before.. not very sure if it is right but im pretty sure he said it.. i'll google it later..
so anyway, there were also bombastic words which i heard them said in the movie. i really wonder whether they really do say it in real life or is it in the movies. i do know ppl who uses bombastic words in real life and it is interesting to learn those words like example podgy finger..
yup, i learn that word because i seriously do have podgy finger.. well podgy mean short and fat.. yes, my finger are literrally short and fat.. not because im that.
seriously, everybody in my family have podgy fingers.
well, enough about that. today although i kept myself busy but i still think about A.
i miss A abdly and it crushes me to see that A does not even bother to call me or even a msg.what is so difficult in typing one msg. god i do not know what's wrong.
i miss A.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Passed!

yesterday was the highlight of the year... so far....
whoever that is close to me knows that this is a big deal to me...
i passed my computer test..
yes, computer test for the driving lesson...
im very proud of myself....
i know it sounds lame and easy but to tell u the truth computer test is not that easy anymore ok..
they have really tighten the rules ok..
no joke..
the reason why it is such a good news to me is that i've taken the exam twice and i flunk it. yes. i flunk it. the last exam i got 41 and the passing mark is 42...
that incident traumatised me for one year.
so a year later, i resat the 5 hour ceramah and i got 46 for my computer test!
46 ok!
so proud of myself..
not too far away from driving my car!
yes i actually already have my own car... my dad bought it long time ago..
exactly a year ago this month.. but i have not used it because i dont have the license and yes no one allows me to drive it unless i have my driving license..
not too long now...
i know its not a honda jazz or swift but heck... atleast i have a car and its brand new...
but now, after a year....
its not new anymore...
i'll try and get my dad to get me another car...
but i dont think that is anytime soon..
im counting my blessing...
because im gratefull that i have a car although it has been into a head and back collison... my dad accidentally got into an accident the other day..
well, nvm...
he's car anyway.. plus the car is like what mskaling like to say about her car....
milo tin...
today i did not do anything except to watch tv the whole day..
there's a new series that im watching now...
its called priviledge.....
its interesting, diffrent motive and style....
i wantched it the whole day and i think my dvd dah rosak...
bc i gave it like half an hour to rest but when i wanted to continue, it just did not want to switch on.darn..im trying it again,.. but after this im going to bath,.... yes havent dont that today then maybe pray as well.... and maybe maybe read something tonight.. maybe law of tort..
btw, did i say that im all alone for the whole week this week..
yes, my parents are in kl...
working again and to see aidan...
so im all alone..
actually that's a lie... my other bro is here...
he's here by force bc everyone knows that im scared to stay at home alone... especially alone,,,
i hate it.. im scared. no joke...
hehehe.. my 3 hour practicall its going to be next wednesday and i cant wait.....