Friday, April 17, 2009

bombastic words

ok so i did managed to pray yesterday but i did not manahed to read planning to do it later because everytime i watch something on tv i always feel bad because my exam is so damn close and i need to pass it in order to move on with my life. yes i do feel like my life is not moving at all because literally i have not done anything that is great or progressive.
so i really want to pass my a level this time and move to kl...
who knows, life could be so much better there and i would finally meet someone special...well, truth to be told, i've longing for a friend slash companion.. someone to talk to... and someone to hug...
yes, hugging to me its something that no word can say it because its much better then great. and there's no other word then great right?
nvm, so yesterday when i was watching this series called october road... a guy who just proposed to his gf started to show off the ring that he had bought for her by saying "who would have thunk that". yeah.. the thunk.. i have never hear or read a word "thunk" before.. not very sure if it is right but im pretty sure he said it.. i'll google it later..
so anyway, there were also bombastic words which i heard them said in the movie. i really wonder whether they really do say it in real life or is it in the movies. i do know ppl who uses bombastic words in real life and it is interesting to learn those words like example podgy finger..
yup, i learn that word because i seriously do have podgy finger.. well podgy mean short and fat.. yes, my finger are literrally short and fat.. not because im that.
seriously, everybody in my family have podgy fingers.
well, enough about that. today although i kept myself busy but i still think about A.
i miss A abdly and it crushes me to see that A does not even bother to call me or even a msg.what is so difficult in typing one msg. god i do not know what's wrong.
i miss A.


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