Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McShaker Fries

How should i start this?
Mcdonalds were very smart in producing McShaker French Fries. A vivid fan of fries... i truly cherish the taste produced by this mcshaker french fries as my air liur indulges in it. In other words... i love this and for this i thank mcdonalds for creating this product.
As mskaling would say.. a business organisation should find a way to satisfy their customer's needs and wants.
this surely has satisfy my hunger needs and wants. :D
im pretty sure fries fans would agree with me that this fries which comes with a mix of paprika
and blended chili falkes cures the taste bites. however, i am very disappointed that mcdonalds decided to release it in the fasting month.. stupid or wat????

Recently, i was invited.. well, many of my class mate was invited to one of our class mates 21st birthday. It was held at Dato Badawi's(shit..will i be liable in isa for writting his name?? :P) hall... it was on last sunday, since she was very kind to invite me and because i was very flattered by the invitation, i decided to go. There i metVilla and Mr Malaysia a.k.a Jothi...
The birthday bash, in my opinion was ok but it could have been so much better with better proper planning. they seriously should hire me for the event planning. Im perfect in doing so. hey, i know im good ok... i plan my sister's wedding, my own birthday bash and............. take a number... "-"
according to jothi, the food was nice and delicious. due to some unforseen circumstances i did not managed to eat there. dont ask why.. god dont ask. if u insist.... let me know.. i will happily email u 1000 words on why i did not eat there. hey, it has nothing to do because of race or cleanines. just something la... sathia, the birthday girl was dressed very beautifully and from her face expression, i could tell on how happy she was with the amount of ppl whom attended. of course not many were from my college. but hey, atleast got ppl.......
this is another picture of which im in it. do i look good????
what?.. thank u... :D
darn.. i look good!!! hehehehehe
earlier i put a picture of me and anie but she said i should not put her picture without her permission. so i edited it. :D

i think that's it for today...
i forgot to mention that im quite ill today..
so mind the english and the broken bahasa....
im having flu and cough....
and yes,, i did puasa today ok...
just not tommorow because i know i have to take medication so that it would be over asap because i so want to attend business class..
i love business class...
so, if any of u want me to help with your business class....feell free to NOt ask me..
im just joking..
i know im good..
ceh.... hehehe...

i had to updated this particular blog because anie did not allow me to put her pictures there. so i did some editting. :D

Monday, September 15, 2008


as im writting this, im filled with tiredness from everything that i have done today...
i woke up quite early today and left to class in a hurry. i had my english legal system class today for 4 hours. what have i learned? i may have absorb 1 hour out of the 4 hour lecture. it is not boring but it is a lot to swallow at one seating. i know im having the exam very soon and i should be absorbing it but hey.. sorry.. i just cant...

ok im done.. im so exhausted from today.. thank god i dont have to go to class tommorow because its tort. i have learned it so i dont really have to attend it anymore.. plus not many of my batch students going..

wanna knoe the truth?
i skipped 2 days of puasa....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

carlsberg and being holy??

before u guys start blaming me and all, let me assure to you that i did not...
tackle anybody...
i did not steal anything.. and
sincerely i was being good...

last night, i went to sarah's club. it was going to close down due to poor management slash no money to operate anymore.. i was there to give my support. hey.. pity sarah ok... so i was there to give some support and in return we were blessed with 12 bottles of carlsberg and unlimited game of pool. for that i thank sarah so so much for it..
here are some pictures of me....
i won playing pool with ikmal by 3-2.....
so, i would say that i had fun..
but what was not fun was that i had to get up the next morning.. which was today and go for class....... with a headache....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


now that i have internet in my room i really do not know what to do with it.

so i decided to introduced to the whole world my friends and family.

on the left is my parents. i know some of my friends prefers one of their parent instead of both but i want to let everyone know that i love both my parents equally!!! i really do.. i am so lucky to be in this family n to have them as my parents. Yes, my dad tends to stare and focus deeply into the camera. !!!

on my right now is my sister,jimmy and aidan.
my sister married a foreigner that looks like a malaysian but as tall as an african. jimmy is from africa and it has been 6 to 7 years since he's in the family. seriously, i do not know how he could stand my sister so i would say that he is a patient man like my dad. my sis? well, my friend when she's nice... my enemy when she's angry. she has this anger that arggh.. truth is, my whole family has anger problems. including me. of course, the famous and most loved boy in the world by the grandparents, aidan.....
at 11 months he's super hyper....
imagine at 2 years??

ok, now this is part of my whole family. u see we are devided into 2. The Yons N The Siru. Of course as everyone knows that i am a siru. this is because i follow my dad.. but the picture on the left is the family of Yon. in other words its my mom's side of the family. here we have... well, everybody....
*this is during my grandma's birthday!

ok, on the right is fatin and me and below is ikmal and emyra. i enjoy having fatin and emira as friends. i really do and i take them as one of my close friends. we've been friends sfor sometime now and i really hope we will continue being good friends. my favoured part about them is that every night last time, all 4 of us would sneak out, fatin would fetch us then go for a smoke or two at our fav taman.... hehehe....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


my mind is very disturb with all this racial disagreement happening right now,
i dont know what to say or what to do.
yesterday a college friend of mine, dillon, was talking to jothi, my other friend and me about politics.
we were seating at pelita having lunch(not me i was fasting) and was actually talking about politics.
dillon who is a strong supporter of anwar in my opinion, talks about politics and it really got me thinking. what got me thinking is that he actually have the charisma and depth knowledge about politics whilst i dont think there's plenty malay teenagers who favours politics like him. hey, im not saying it is bad for him or anyone to have strong opinion on politics, it is just that where are the malay teenagers who are politically motivated like him? jothi who in my opinion is undecided of who he supports debates profesionally on politics as well. as for me, i dont vote and i dont have any intention to vote because im sick of politics. i used to admire thus study up about politics but after sometime knowing truth.. i got sick of it.

i do agree with dillion and jothi on how wrong that guy who said those crucial remarks to the chinese community.in my opinion it is morally wrong to critic on such matters and he should not have said it out loud however it is not wrong to say what he wants to say. it is a free country, dont forget that.

im not agreeing with what he said but the truth is why does it have to be such a big deal?
are u teling me that the chinese never kutuk the malays or the indians and so forth?
are u telling me that the indians never said anything crucial to other races?
truth to be told MALAY has said "racist" remarks on other races
truth to be told CHINESE has said "racist" remarks on other races as well and
truth to be told INDIANS has said "racist" remarks on other races too..

and if u disagree with me about it, then i guess you're racist. because u and i know that everybody has said racist remarks to each other. r u telling me that u are that holy?
that innocent?
pls.. i dont care if u say yes to the fact that u r innocent and holy,
but it is such a disgust to see u are actually admitting therefore lying to urself about it.

this is the reason i dont put any interest in politics.
because hating other races is born deep down inside ourselves.
it is just morally wrong to to express it freely.

let's end it by not say anything and apply the morale that we've learned.
come on ppl...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

single and lonely

shakira decided to leave me for another person.
it has been going on for sometime now. i knew that she was in love with someone else for a very long time now but i never knew she would get the guy that she has been eyeing for for 2 years. to cut the story short they both love each other now and im considered single and lonely. we had our usual fights again yesterday and we agreed that we would not call each other anymore for good!!!!
im tremendouly sad about it but there's nothing i could do.
but ape yg sakit ati is that she called me last night when i was about to go to sleep. she called and appologised about ALL thoose things she said to me. u can call me stupid for falling for her again but the thing is it is not easy for her to say sorry.. do u know when was the last time she said sorry and mean it at the same time?
very long time ago ok.
so i've melted onto her arms again but we are just keeping it cool and we are now only friends. this means im single and lonely. i still love her and i will always do so but if things dont work there's nothing that i can do.
leave it there then now. i rather not talk about it anymore.
ok. today is the 2nd day of a fasting month and im glad that i went through it.
28 days more. but of course i did something naughty also.. i wastched porn...
hey.. im a tenageer.. its a must... heheheehe...
aidan is still around.. playing and disturbing everyone.
im so bloted with water.
i need to study. im only less then one month away from my A-levels exam.
shit man its scary...
when is the 2nd season of gossip girl coming out?
desperate housewifes season 5?

Monday, September 1, 2008


my horoscope today has told me that today is the best day to start up a blog or to write a diary.
i've been meaning to do so but i have not got the time ..
actually i do have the time but the computer does not.
my brother plays this game of which i dont know the name but its something from cubiczone..
its a very addictive game.. so the only time i got is when he is not around like rite now..
he went to send my twin back to kedah.
a lot of things that has been happening in my life...
sometimes it is kinda happy but sometimes it hurts. the merdeka holidays was really good but still at the end it was not that good afterall..
recent friday i went to ss club.. ikmal, desmond and me...
i dah tertido ok when des came to fetch me... he woke me up like gila and forced me to get up and follow him there...
i was kinda excited tho because i have not been there since my birthday which is 6 months ago..
so after sometime searching for parking.. we finally had to pay 8 bucks for the parking..
lanciau.. tu pun got discount.. if not ten bucks.. fuckers ok those fuckers..
nvm.. when we got there we were able to get in quite easily because ikmal knows someone there and my other bro has some friends there who opened bottle.. so they were allowed to bring in as many ppl as they want..
so we also sibuk and join!!!
at ss ikmal and me met someone... i would not want to tell who because we dont even know who that person is. we wanted to make friends but along the way we just did not see that person anymore... but what was more shocking is that on sunday we met that person again while we were sitting at starbucks in gurney. i have a picture to prove it... to prove i was there la..
model: me
photograpeher: dilla/unqualified photogrpaher..
jgn marah dilla...
i know no one reads my blog and im glad no one does bacsue i dont really want anybody to give comments..
i dont mind my friends to comment but not my enemies..
sakit ati oo.
im hoping to meet that person again..
just want to be friends and i hope its ok.
today is the first day of puasa and im gladly to let u know that i fasted the whole day. so 29 days left..
hope i can really puasa this month and god i hope i loose some weight.
oh ya another thing happen today. its really sad actually but i dont not want to tell it here just yet..
so some other time ok..
plus im sleepy..
i have class tomorrow...