Friday, July 17, 2009


Tonight, my parents are coming down from penang. And on tuesday or wednesday next week i'll be going home to penang. I did nothing today except sleep. and yes, i finally had a longer conversation with my hot sexy neighbour. Hehe... Well, i have details but i dont feel like spilling it out here. Its personal ok. Im sure im going to miss my sexy neighbour when i get back to penang. Arghhhh....


keep blogging!

I realized that once u dont blog in a day or two, u'll feel so lazy to start blogging again. That's why im trying to keep up to date. But the thing is, once i get home in penang, i wont blog as much as i do it here. The reason being is that at home there's no wifi. I keep asking my bro to have one but he's so damn lazy to do one. So here's an early appology for not updating my blog in the future. Like there are ppl who actually follows.. Right?hehehehe

not typing much tonight except that im quite happy that my sister told me that she is going to buy me the topman shoe that i really like. But then i have to wait for the end of the month. But stilll... cant really depend on her because she has a lot to pay. Im only asking if she really has some extra for me... :D

I tried searching it in the internet as i want to shop u the picture but then i cant find it. I guess i'll just have to show if off to you guys when i bought it!.....


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


today i had a small chat with my sister. My sister wants me to stay in kl because she wants me to be around here and at the same time watch over aidan but living with her sometimes can be frightening. In what sense? well, many aspect need to be meticulously considered! if u know what i mean... :P

I want to get a job that obviously pays well because i dislike to be financially unstable. So working for money, i seriously dont mind but where to work is what i consider seriously...Well, kena jage standard ar....hehehehe..... So what i have been doing so far is to create a resume and im done with it. I have a resume! God, i feel so old... i know staying in denial about your age just makes u feel and look old but still, times moves so fast....

anyway, im on job hunting.. thru the internet which i may add... nothing good is coming out from it.


Help Me

This morning, i missed watching my sexy neighbour got ready for work. I got up early just to watch it and i missed it. And knowing me, once im awake i cant go back to sleep. So what i did was that i checked my email, my facebook, my twitter account, my friendster account and i have checked 3 local online newspaper. God! Im so bored!

I really dont know what to do. I have nothing to do. I want to go out but then i dont have transport. I can go out using the public bus and the train but aidan would cry if i leave him and i dont have the heart to hear him cry. Help me!

Monday, July 13, 2009


i did not post anything last night because i was too tired to post anything as i came home late. Never once in my life i endure a situation like this. What happened was, last night i went to kelana jaya Giant supermarket! Unbelievable! There were so many people and they were all waiting in line for something! guess what? The Trolley! God! even i had to wait for it!
nvm about that, the reason i went to giant is because we were going to have a barbeque today which just ended and im so tired because i had to clean up the barbeque pit. Anyways, the small get together was between my sis's friends. They just decided to do one and my sister offered to do it at our place. The party was ok, kinda disappointed because the kids who came was like small boys and girls. So i had no chance of unleashing the hidden tiger within me! if u get what i mean... :P

later on, after everybody left, my friends(fatin, mojo,emira+bf) came to joined in the bbq! im so happy that they did because i kinda miss them but they came a bit too late because when they came i was already too tired. I did not have much fun because i was sleepy as well, but i think they did. Fatin keeps saying, kami mai tak bawak ape, balik dgn mcm2.. hehehe.... yes, they brought back almost everything. I dint mind and i think my sis pun did not mind. I was so lazy to bring down the camera because i could not find the small camera, so i had to use the big one. So there are no pictures of the bbq with my friends except for the one in the afternoon. My hot sexy neighbour just came back as well... late night supper i guess and and and.... i finally got the chance to talk to my nieghbour. I got the name but im so not telling you. from far, my nieghb our seems to be so hot but from near it became... ok ok hot.. you know?

alright.... sleeping now...

Friday, July 10, 2009

lets see

Lets see..... i saw it!my sexy neighbour is still up and still religiously on the computer. And YES, my nieghbour has not noticed me. God, am i so hard to be noticed? Arrrggghh!
Well, tomorow is just another day, if u guys noticed, i put up combination pictures of Pocoyo! on my headliner. U have to understand, whenever im around aidan, im forced to watch cartoons.. No matter what.. Its either that or he'll just nag and nag till u change the channel to his cartoons. So out of all the cartoons i watched with him, the best cartoon and the cutest cartoon character is pocoyo! seriously.. if u have the chance, catch it. its cute and hillarious.. at times thou...
anyway, hope u guys appreciate the cuteness!

OMG!!! I hate my sis' friend who supposedly take me out clubbing tonight. According to him he does not want to go because they increase the cover charge. By ten bucks! So what? its still so much cheaper then other clubs in kl and clubs in penang! so because of that, im stuck at home. not knowing what to do except to keep staring at my hot sexy neighbour! i think im getting a stiff neck soon. i can feel it because whenever i look on my right.. i feel so stiff!

i think im off to bed soon because there's nothing to watch and nothing to do. I cant wait to get back home and sleep on my bed and drive my car around! vroom vroom!

X )

ps:im changing to that once in awhile but as i write it.. it feels such a poser. eeeeeee.....


Ok, so today i got up early. Even earlier then my sexy next door neighbour.! :D
i waited and waited and waited till my nieghbour got up and then finally my neighbour did. Well, proudly to say it.. I saw.... erm... ok fine.. some fine ass!

X )

its still early to blog about anything. It seems that my neighbour is not going to work today Yea!........ erm... but the day is so boring bc my nieghbour enjoys sitting at one place which is in front of the laptop watching what god knows... plus my sister would be getting back home early today. Neways, im really hoping to go to clubbing tonite. Yup, im going with my sis's fwen whom i always go with but then he said see first. darn!..... im really hoping to go... but got no money.. how?


Thursday, July 9, 2009


as in right now, i am forced/ half willingly to sstay in kl to look after my nephew for awhile. I tot it would be outrageously boring, which i may add,it might be true until i realised that i have a neighbour. You know the saying of "girl next door"??? well, i never thought i would experience it. never. its quite funny to think about it but i'll admit it, i have a tiny bit crush on my neighbour. I love to stare out the window in the hopes my neighbour would xcidentally drop the towel or bend to get something. oh wait, i'voe got that part. X )

to tell you the truth, this is the only thing keeping me from getting bored. But of course, my neighbour goes to work and comes back late so during the day i entertain myself with... well, nothing.! oh wait! as in right now, my neighbour has switch off the lights. poor neighbour, so early!
Darn, this means that i have to get up early in order to get a glipse of hoping to see my neighbour xcidentally drops the towel! hehehehehe... yes, im that pathetic! believe me, if you're in my shoes, realising how boring it is here, that little incident might just spice up ur day!


Sleepover 2009

Here are some pictures of the sleepover i had at my feringghi house!


It has been while since i updated my blog. Sorry for that, Not that there's many ppl who actually reads it right? x )
So many things has happened to me recently, in these short times. All my friends came back from their college for a holiday and most of them has gone back to their college to continue with studies except for me. Im still waiting for my result. Which i really hope i did well this time. I cant afford to fail literally and financially. The most memorable moments to me was that when i confessed my biggest secret to my best friends. I never actually thought i would tell them. Never in my dreams, i dreamt of telling any of them. I really hope they keep tpo themselves and respect my wishes. And for you guys whom i did not confess to, well, i guess you and i have trust issues... XD
belive me, its not your fault... I just dont trust people easily.. hehehe....

anyway, on the next post, i willl be putting some pictures of my holidays with my friends!
BTW, i love karoake and sushi! Amazing huh? who thought i could sing.