Thursday, April 23, 2009


for the past 2 days i have not update my blog bc there are few things that has happened. One part of it is good news and other is just bad. I talked to A recently but only through sms. A could not bring A'self to talk to me so A thinks sms is easier. it breaks my heart that A does not appreciate me. i broke down so that's why i needed few days to gather back my life bc everytime i talk to A... my life just stop.

forget about that, the good news is that my brother is getting married. not ikmal, but ikrami. Somehow, he was able to convince my parents to let him get married. He is getting married to a kelantanese woman who in my opinion is pretty, educated and friendly. If were to compare with his ex, i prefers his new woman. So ok ppl, block your calendar on the 14th of november 2009 because that is the wedding date and we are doing it in Tabung Haji Dewan Mutiara.

i know, dewan? we usually do it in a hotel like we did for my sister, but this time around we are not doing 3 days of wedding but only one day. so we decided to invite everyone this time around as the hall is able to occupy 500 guests. SO everybody is invited. However, pls rsvp with me first for your seats.

Im very happy for my bro because he has been used and cheated by other girls before and to see him finally settling down with a better and more matured woman. Very happy for him. Now the problem is that i have nothing to wear. Of course i need to look my bestest. My reputation is at stake here ok. hehe...

oh yeah, on wednesday i went for my driving. The instructor only stayed with me for like 7 minutes explaning what i have to do. Then he said "u can drive so drive yourself lo" so i pun drive lo.. i drove for like 3 hours with a self declared ten minutes break. hehe...
by the time i finished doing the hill, side parking, and 3 pointer. I was an A student lah. I pass with flying colours! so tommorow evening im going to take my L licence and i really hope they have it done earlier.


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Dilla Hashim said...

Ikhwan, you are so vain.