Sunday, April 26, 2009

busy busy busy

Today has been a very busy day for me. Busy in a good way bc then i dont have to think much. My exam is so near and im scared to death. In class today instead of fully paying attention, i talked to dillon, then listen to the radio together then make jokes and laugh together untill Kaling our lecturer look at us like one kind.. That boy ar really budak2 still.. hehe.. No la, he's actually really nice person. He and i had the same impression on each other when we met at college. I did not like him and so does he. Dont know how now we became quite good friends. Hehe. im glad we did.

Class was tiyering today. Im exhausted and i really wanted to sleep untill dillon online on msn then we chatted then i laughed like gila2 because of his jokes. Funny guy. Laughing is a great medication to be honest with you guys, seriously i was really down when i got home just now.. talk laugh talk laugh.. suddenly energised back..

ok, i guess i have nothing much to talk about tonight and if i were to continue i might ended up telling u from a to z what i did today, so lets not make it dull...


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