Sunday, April 19, 2009


ok, so yesterday my parents suprised me when they just appeared in front of the house. they were suppose to come home today but they felt guilty leaving me alone for so many days, so they decided to come home UNANNOUNCED!.
ok the thing is, im glad they are home and all but this is their 2nd time doing this. sneaking up on me. the first time lagi la i panicked because the house was in a mess and **** were everywhere. yes i have to censore it because now im scared that they even read my blog. for those who know me well would know what i mean. and if you are rerally wondering, at the end of the box it is says veni. vedi. vici. get me now? nvm...
the first time they did it was like few months ago when they told me that they would be coming back the next day but ended up arriving a day before..
this is the second time and guess what.. same scenario....
they always do it the same way,.... open the door slowly, creep themself in the house and then go to sleep without even telling me and that is provided i am not infront watching tv.
the last time i was in my room and it scared the shit out of me because when they got home they did not make a sound untill my mom decided to put something near my room. i was so shocked to see them untill to a point i had to literally pinch my mom..
but yesterday i was infront watching tv and yes the **** were around but i got lucky because i distracted them then without them noticing it i hide it away!

another not so good news is that i found out that i would not be driving the tin car after all..
i dont know if i feel relieved or sad but thinking that u have your own car really gives me the freedom to go anywahere at anytime but now that is taken away i dont know what to say. my dad told me that i would be driving my bro's kelisa. i know its smaller and should be easier to drive but its not mine and i have to share and by the looks of it... i'll never get the car to myslef bc he is never around. my dad does allow me to drive his toyota which is much better but the car is kinda big and scary..
well, we just have to see then..


mojo said...

still wondering..
ape tu weh.???

mojo said...

i got u..
paham da..
box kitorang hill..
lawak la..