Saturday, March 27, 2010

Venturing the impossible!

I am pretty sure you guys are thinking about the title that i wrote. Venturing the impossible?? What the heck right? :D Well, as in right now i am sitting down facing the computer, hoping the internet works when im done with this in LimKokWing! Yup, its freaking saturday and im here. Day and night im here in LimKokWing, and guess what>? still cant find the love that i have been searching and hoping for. Some of you would be thinking about the fact that love comes when you dont search for it, but guess what? I have searched for it.. stopped searching for it, starts searching for it again and almost, just almost stop searching for it at all. Im too tired. It has been exactly 35 months since i was last in love with someone. I miss it.

Enough about that!

Venturing the impossible is this: Joining LimKokWing is indefinitely impossible for me before because joining it never part of the plan but i am here! I AM HERE! so what's next? This is the venture that im yet to find out. Oh god! There's so many people here in LKW, seriously, you would find all kinds of people, race,religions,looks! my god! Some are to die for, some are just people you dont want to go near to! :D

Beginning of this year, i was very motivated with life. Motivated in all aspects of life. But now, in just the beginning of the year, i feel so unmotivated with life. Yes, life is not as shitty as before, i assure you that but the strong enthusiastic is no longer there and my 'mojo' or whatever isnt there anymore. Im trying hard to regain what i used to believe in and keep sending positive energy to earth (oh btw, that is one part of my life that i believe in, in which i have not got the time to actually sit down and tell you guys about it) but some of you might know about it. :D but i still cant find it just yet. I really hope its soon.