Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poker Night!

Yesterday my old schoolmates came down to penang for their short holiday. i was so glad that they called me because honestly i miss them. im so lonely in penang because no one is around like last time. We went to queensbay, god queensbay is so boring now... its just so big for no reason. If u have a purpose for going there then acceptable but if u want to lepak... its not the place at all because they seriously dont have a place to lepak without u having to buy anything of course.
we all ate in pizza hut and i seriously cant remeber the last time i had that. I prefers dominos because the pizza dough is better and its tastier. seriously.after that they wanted to go for shisha but then it was closed. Im glad because i dont like shisha. a waste of money. XD

so anyway, tajul said that he wanted to go for lien chi kang(betul ke?) at gurney drive.... well, i prefer my leng loi tong soi. Wait till i give them a taste of the lengloi, surely diaorng will come again!.. hehhe... after that like around 10.30 they wanted to go to batu feringghi and buy some dvd but when we got there... guan the dvd shop guy told me got rush so they had to close down.. the whole stretch of batu ferinngi not even one is selling. too bad for my friends because we thought we'll buy something to watch then watch it at my house in batu ferringi. However, something better came up. we played poker....!!!!!, according to tajul he knows how to play poker and the last time i really played was a few years ago so i also had forgotten but one game that i remembered very well was poker speed! that is a fun game la and they enjoyed too!

we played and played till it got so late. when i reach home it was like 3 in the morning and i went straight to bed. barely can open my eyes while playing last night. hehehe...so today i thought i would have some time by sleeping till noon but then at 10 am sharp my mom called me and woke me up. sommore scolded me for coming home so late and that my exam is so close la and let it be the first and last time going out. Dah plak! I guess she does not know how lonely i am. I dont blame her because i dont tell her anything about my life. safer.

ok, going to have branch now and then might going to study! or wait for someone to appear online in msn or ym....


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