Monday, April 20, 2009


Today i thought would go by very slowly because im too lazy to study and i think i ought to give some me time because yesterday i studied for like few hours.. I almost got a passed in my motivation assigment. 8/20... 9 is a passed by the way.
later in the afternoon, i went to gurney because there were suppose to be some good sales on watches at my fav shop, echo park.... so me and my cousz when there and we were like the first to know about the watches sale, but dissappointingly the watches were lame and was still too expensive although it had less 50 %. THAT SUCKS!
being so dissappointed, we decided to use some of our money which were suppose to go to the new watches to NANDOS. now they have this promotion where you pay RM28 then u'll get 1 full plate full of chicken wings, beef sausages and somemore chicken. it was worth the money but u have to share because i dont think one person can eat the whole plate.
Then we decided to go to batu ferringi to buy some dvd but AGAIN dissappointed because the dvd guy was not there. some policeman was like aroud the neighbourhood so they dont dare to sell, however, they were some daredevils and i managed to get the latest SKINS season 3. they change the whole cast so im hoping its so much better then the previous ones.
i now have a problem with facebook. in my email i received comments from my friend but when i went to check, its not there. something is wrong somewhere and i hope it magically repair itself because if not im giving up on facebook. would ending facebook be commiting suicide on my social life? we'll see...
below is a picture of me that matin(my cousz) took.
what do u think?
i think i look so gorgeous!

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