Monday, April 20, 2009

series of movies

OK, i know some of u may know that im a movie fanatic. yes, like other kids they like to play their ps2 and games but i like to invest my money and time to watch a good movie. i'll admit, i've learnt plenty through out this series and i've cried plenty as well... so, here's my guide on series that everybody should consier!

ok so here are some series that i have been watching and i would certainly say that they are pretty good and i love every one of it...
i have watch so far till the latest one they have....

weed is a story of a woman who sells weeds in order to support her family. very lucrative kind of a movie because u u sually get this type of movies played by black ppl but in this series its really kinda international. its a good series to start on and there are some really hot chicks and dudes! B!

grey's anatomy tells u story about different ppl lives but what tehy do for living is the same. from this story it really show you how crazy doctors can be but in real life i dont think doctors are that fun. it is very interesting in many aspects. one should watch it in order to underdstand.
the cast involves are cast that are famous and this movie is full with humor. but in my opinion, the main chracter, the lady i had forgotten her name is really drmatic. but the movie it self is good! B+

brother and sister is a slow but very very interesting series. life is complicated and they are able to show it. the best part of this series is that it is real! real as in each and everyone character is almost the same with my family. it has a family of five. same as me... and one is a lawyer... soon to be like me... so i would say this is certainly a good movie to watch when you're bored! B+

private practise is another doctor story. it is interesting but not as good as grey's anatomy. why? because its unrealistic to compare to human context. but it is a series that is worth watching right after grey's anatomy. B-

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is the ultimate best damn series i've watched. i like all the characters and the actress. they really play the role as in the series are their lives. i think its very very original and yes, it may looked like a woman's story but once u really sit down and watch it..
any guy or girl would really love it. And if u think its not good.. that means you are incredibly stupid and snobbish! A!

This is a cerita budak budak. according to my cousin who watched the early version of 90210, this one is lamer. I do think that it is not a very good one but it is most definately great when u have nothingto watch. it is also fun to keep uptodate to thios story bc their lives are somewhat we say we can only dream about. so if u dream to be a rich kid, this is your movie bc it rocks! in a way...... the cast is good except for a few which i think is really acting when you are suppose not to! B

Gossip girl is to me better then 90210. Not much a difference but its worth watching because of the story line. It is also about rich kids blah blah but what makes it interesting it the amount of bitchiness in it. serena vanderwoodson(i think) does not fit well in this story. the little sister as well not so good. IT is interesting to watch if u are the bitchy type material which i am.

privileged is an awesome but ridiculous story. its awesome in a sense that it is a different kind of series. season 1 of the movie is good enough to make me keep on going to the next one but unfortunately, batu ferringgi and yes, my stock exchange market does not have the continuous season just yet. a girl that has a journalism degree gets paid 1800USD a week to teach 2 spoilt twins. but one thing sad about this movie is that she never spend the money
she gets. too focused on the drama.! B-!

ok! if u know me well, u would also know that i dont watch ghost movies. i really dont bc the vivid images may just haunt me especially at night when im about to go to sleep. but this is a different case. i was forced to but this series bc there was nothing left to watch and i make it a point to watch it with someone else. not alone. this is a unique story because it is not a
continuous story but a different storyline every episode. so this is a movie
that can be watch at anytime and in between time except for at night that
is. interesting enough to continue buying the 2nd season. B-!

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