Tuesday, September 2, 2008

single and lonely

shakira decided to leave me for another person.
it has been going on for sometime now. i knew that she was in love with someone else for a very long time now but i never knew she would get the guy that she has been eyeing for for 2 years. to cut the story short they both love each other now and im considered single and lonely. we had our usual fights again yesterday and we agreed that we would not call each other anymore for good!!!!
im tremendouly sad about it but there's nothing i could do.
but ape yg sakit ati is that she called me last night when i was about to go to sleep. she called and appologised about ALL thoose things she said to me. u can call me stupid for falling for her again but the thing is it is not easy for her to say sorry.. do u know when was the last time she said sorry and mean it at the same time?
very long time ago ok.
so i've melted onto her arms again but we are just keeping it cool and we are now only friends. this means im single and lonely. i still love her and i will always do so but if things dont work there's nothing that i can do.
leave it there then now. i rather not talk about it anymore.
ok. today is the 2nd day of a fasting month and im glad that i went through it.
28 days more. but of course i did something naughty also.. i wastched porn...
hey.. im a tenageer.. its a must... heheheehe...
aidan is still around.. playing and disturbing everyone.
im so bloted with water.
i need to study. im only less then one month away from my A-levels exam.
shit man its scary...
when is the 2nd season of gossip girl coming out?
desperate housewifes season 5?

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