Tuesday, September 9, 2008


my mind is very disturb with all this racial disagreement happening right now,
i dont know what to say or what to do.
yesterday a college friend of mine, dillon, was talking to jothi, my other friend and me about politics.
we were seating at pelita having lunch(not me i was fasting) and was actually talking about politics.
dillon who is a strong supporter of anwar in my opinion, talks about politics and it really got me thinking. what got me thinking is that he actually have the charisma and depth knowledge about politics whilst i dont think there's plenty malay teenagers who favours politics like him. hey, im not saying it is bad for him or anyone to have strong opinion on politics, it is just that where are the malay teenagers who are politically motivated like him? jothi who in my opinion is undecided of who he supports debates profesionally on politics as well. as for me, i dont vote and i dont have any intention to vote because im sick of politics. i used to admire thus study up about politics but after sometime knowing truth.. i got sick of it.

i do agree with dillion and jothi on how wrong that guy who said those crucial remarks to the chinese community.in my opinion it is morally wrong to critic on such matters and he should not have said it out loud however it is not wrong to say what he wants to say. it is a free country, dont forget that.

im not agreeing with what he said but the truth is why does it have to be such a big deal?
are u teling me that the chinese never kutuk the malays or the indians and so forth?
are u telling me that the indians never said anything crucial to other races?
truth to be told MALAY has said "racist" remarks on other races
truth to be told CHINESE has said "racist" remarks on other races as well and
truth to be told INDIANS has said "racist" remarks on other races too..

and if u disagree with me about it, then i guess you're racist. because u and i know that everybody has said racist remarks to each other. r u telling me that u are that holy?
that innocent?
pls.. i dont care if u say yes to the fact that u r innocent and holy,
but it is such a disgust to see u are actually admitting therefore lying to urself about it.

this is the reason i dont put any interest in politics.
because hating other races is born deep down inside ourselves.
it is just morally wrong to to express it freely.

let's end it by not say anything and apply the morale that we've learned.
come on ppl...

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