Wednesday, September 10, 2008


now that i have internet in my room i really do not know what to do with it.

so i decided to introduced to the whole world my friends and family.

on the left is my parents. i know some of my friends prefers one of their parent instead of both but i want to let everyone know that i love both my parents equally!!! i really do.. i am so lucky to be in this family n to have them as my parents. Yes, my dad tends to stare and focus deeply into the camera. !!!

on my right now is my sister,jimmy and aidan.
my sister married a foreigner that looks like a malaysian but as tall as an african. jimmy is from africa and it has been 6 to 7 years since he's in the family. seriously, i do not know how he could stand my sister so i would say that he is a patient man like my dad. my sis? well, my friend when she's nice... my enemy when she's angry. she has this anger that arggh.. truth is, my whole family has anger problems. including me. of course, the famous and most loved boy in the world by the grandparents, aidan.....
at 11 months he's super hyper....
imagine at 2 years??

ok, now this is part of my whole family. u see we are devided into 2. The Yons N The Siru. Of course as everyone knows that i am a siru. this is because i follow my dad.. but the picture on the left is the family of Yon. in other words its my mom's side of the family. here we have... well, everybody....
*this is during my grandma's birthday!

ok, on the right is fatin and me and below is ikmal and emyra. i enjoy having fatin and emira as friends. i really do and i take them as one of my close friends. we've been friends sfor sometime now and i really hope we will continue being good friends. my favoured part about them is that every night last time, all 4 of us would sneak out, fatin would fetch us then go for a smoke or two at our fav taman.... hehehe....

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