Monday, September 1, 2008


my horoscope today has told me that today is the best day to start up a blog or to write a diary.
i've been meaning to do so but i have not got the time ..
actually i do have the time but the computer does not.
my brother plays this game of which i dont know the name but its something from cubiczone..
its a very addictive game.. so the only time i got is when he is not around like rite now..
he went to send my twin back to kedah.
a lot of things that has been happening in my life...
sometimes it is kinda happy but sometimes it hurts. the merdeka holidays was really good but still at the end it was not that good afterall..
recent friday i went to ss club.. ikmal, desmond and me...
i dah tertido ok when des came to fetch me... he woke me up like gila and forced me to get up and follow him there...
i was kinda excited tho because i have not been there since my birthday which is 6 months ago..
so after sometime searching for parking.. we finally had to pay 8 bucks for the parking..
lanciau.. tu pun got discount.. if not ten bucks.. fuckers ok those fuckers..
nvm.. when we got there we were able to get in quite easily because ikmal knows someone there and my other bro has some friends there who opened bottle.. so they were allowed to bring in as many ppl as they want..
so we also sibuk and join!!!
at ss ikmal and me met someone... i would not want to tell who because we dont even know who that person is. we wanted to make friends but along the way we just did not see that person anymore... but what was more shocking is that on sunday we met that person again while we were sitting at starbucks in gurney. i have a picture to prove it... to prove i was there la..
model: me
photograpeher: dilla/unqualified photogrpaher..
jgn marah dilla...
i know no one reads my blog and im glad no one does bacsue i dont really want anybody to give comments..
i dont mind my friends to comment but not my enemies..
sakit ati oo.
im hoping to meet that person again..
just want to be friends and i hope its ok.
today is the first day of puasa and im gladly to let u know that i fasted the whole day. so 29 days left..
hope i can really puasa this month and god i hope i loose some weight.
oh ya another thing happen today. its really sad actually but i dont not want to tell it here just yet..
so some other time ok..
plus im sleepy..
i have class tomorrow...

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