Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McShaker Fries

How should i start this?
Mcdonalds were very smart in producing McShaker French Fries. A vivid fan of fries... i truly cherish the taste produced by this mcshaker french fries as my air liur indulges in it. In other words... i love this and for this i thank mcdonalds for creating this product.
As mskaling would say.. a business organisation should find a way to satisfy their customer's needs and wants.
this surely has satisfy my hunger needs and wants. :D
im pretty sure fries fans would agree with me that this fries which comes with a mix of paprika
and blended chili falkes cures the taste bites. however, i am very disappointed that mcdonalds decided to release it in the fasting month.. stupid or wat????

Recently, i was invited.. well, many of my class mate was invited to one of our class mates 21st birthday. It was held at Dato Badawi's(shit..will i be liable in isa for writting his name?? :P) hall... it was on last sunday, since she was very kind to invite me and because i was very flattered by the invitation, i decided to go. There i metVilla and Mr Malaysia a.k.a Jothi...
The birthday bash, in my opinion was ok but it could have been so much better with better proper planning. they seriously should hire me for the event planning. Im perfect in doing so. hey, i know im good ok... i plan my sister's wedding, my own birthday bash and............. take a number... "-"
according to jothi, the food was nice and delicious. due to some unforseen circumstances i did not managed to eat there. dont ask why.. god dont ask. if u insist.... let me know.. i will happily email u 1000 words on why i did not eat there. hey, it has nothing to do because of race or cleanines. just something la... sathia, the birthday girl was dressed very beautifully and from her face expression, i could tell on how happy she was with the amount of ppl whom attended. of course not many were from my college. but hey, atleast got ppl.......
this is another picture of which im in it. do i look good????
what?.. thank u... :D
darn.. i look good!!! hehehehehe
earlier i put a picture of me and anie but she said i should not put her picture without her permission. so i edited it. :D

i think that's it for today...
i forgot to mention that im quite ill today..
so mind the english and the broken bahasa....
im having flu and cough....
and yes,, i did puasa today ok...
just not tommorow because i know i have to take medication so that it would be over asap because i so want to attend business class..
i love business class...
so, if any of u want me to help with your business class....feell free to NOt ask me..
im just joking..
i know im good..
ceh.... hehehe...

i had to updated this particular blog because anie did not allow me to put her pictures there. so i did some editting. :D


Anonymous said...

wahlao! posted my photo without my permission!! apa la ni!

Anonymous said...

lol. okay. thank you.

DiL said...

ohhhh myyyyy. ur vain-o-meter smthg wrong d. ur in serious nid of a MIRROR!