Friday, July 10, 2009

lets see

Lets see..... i saw it!my sexy neighbour is still up and still religiously on the computer. And YES, my nieghbour has not noticed me. God, am i so hard to be noticed? Arrrggghh!
Well, tomorow is just another day, if u guys noticed, i put up combination pictures of Pocoyo! on my headliner. U have to understand, whenever im around aidan, im forced to watch cartoons.. No matter what.. Its either that or he'll just nag and nag till u change the channel to his cartoons. So out of all the cartoons i watched with him, the best cartoon and the cutest cartoon character is pocoyo! seriously.. if u have the chance, catch it. its cute and hillarious.. at times thou...
anyway, hope u guys appreciate the cuteness!

OMG!!! I hate my sis' friend who supposedly take me out clubbing tonight. According to him he does not want to go because they increase the cover charge. By ten bucks! So what? its still so much cheaper then other clubs in kl and clubs in penang! so because of that, im stuck at home. not knowing what to do except to keep staring at my hot sexy neighbour! i think im getting a stiff neck soon. i can feel it because whenever i look on my right.. i feel so stiff!

i think im off to bed soon because there's nothing to watch and nothing to do. I cant wait to get back home and sleep on my bed and drive my car around! vroom vroom!

X )

ps:im changing to that once in awhile but as i write it.. it feels such a poser. eeeeeee.....

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