Friday, July 10, 2009


Ok, so today i got up early. Even earlier then my sexy next door neighbour.! :D
i waited and waited and waited till my nieghbour got up and then finally my neighbour did. Well, proudly to say it.. I saw.... erm... ok fine.. some fine ass!

X )

its still early to blog about anything. It seems that my neighbour is not going to work today Yea!........ erm... but the day is so boring bc my nieghbour enjoys sitting at one place which is in front of the laptop watching what god knows... plus my sister would be getting back home early today. Neways, im really hoping to go to clubbing tonite. Yup, im going with my sis's fwen whom i always go with but then he said see first. darn!..... im really hoping to go... but got no money.. how?


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