Monday, July 13, 2009


i did not post anything last night because i was too tired to post anything as i came home late. Never once in my life i endure a situation like this. What happened was, last night i went to kelana jaya Giant supermarket! Unbelievable! There were so many people and they were all waiting in line for something! guess what? The Trolley! God! even i had to wait for it!
nvm about that, the reason i went to giant is because we were going to have a barbeque today which just ended and im so tired because i had to clean up the barbeque pit. Anyways, the small get together was between my sis's friends. They just decided to do one and my sister offered to do it at our place. The party was ok, kinda disappointed because the kids who came was like small boys and girls. So i had no chance of unleashing the hidden tiger within me! if u get what i mean... :P

later on, after everybody left, my friends(fatin, mojo,emira+bf) came to joined in the bbq! im so happy that they did because i kinda miss them but they came a bit too late because when they came i was already too tired. I did not have much fun because i was sleepy as well, but i think they did. Fatin keeps saying, kami mai tak bawak ape, balik dgn mcm2.. hehehe.... yes, they brought back almost everything. I dint mind and i think my sis pun did not mind. I was so lazy to bring down the camera because i could not find the small camera, so i had to use the big one. So there are no pictures of the bbq with my friends except for the one in the afternoon. My hot sexy neighbour just came back as well... late night supper i guess and and and.... i finally got the chance to talk to my nieghbour. I got the name but im so not telling you. from far, my nieghb our seems to be so hot but from near it became... ok ok hot.. you know?

alright.... sleeping now...

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