Thursday, July 9, 2009


as in right now, i am forced/ half willingly to sstay in kl to look after my nephew for awhile. I tot it would be outrageously boring, which i may add,it might be true until i realised that i have a neighbour. You know the saying of "girl next door"??? well, i never thought i would experience it. never. its quite funny to think about it but i'll admit it, i have a tiny bit crush on my neighbour. I love to stare out the window in the hopes my neighbour would xcidentally drop the towel or bend to get something. oh wait, i'voe got that part. X )

to tell you the truth, this is the only thing keeping me from getting bored. But of course, my neighbour goes to work and comes back late so during the day i entertain myself with... well, nothing.! oh wait! as in right now, my neighbour has switch off the lights. poor neighbour, so early!
Darn, this means that i have to get up early in order to get a glipse of hoping to see my neighbour xcidentally drops the towel! hehehehehe... yes, im that pathetic! believe me, if you're in my shoes, realising how boring it is here, that little incident might just spice up ur day!


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