Thursday, May 21, 2009

In The Loving Memories of N95

Two days ago, i lost my beloved n95. It was stolen from my bag. I am crushed and heart broken because the phone was valuable to me. It is not just because its expensive but also i had plenty of memories with it one being aidan dropping it inside a glass of milo and also because A used it for couple of months. I have been losing a lot of valuable things in my life this year. Just thinking about it, made me not want to write anything anymore.

So whoever has taken it, I will pay you RM 600.00 for returning it back to me. I promise i wont beat the shit out of you so pls whoever took it pls return it to me. Any sympathy donation (above RM 10) is more then welcome. :D



Dilla Hashim said...

Omg. Omg. I'm sorry for your lost. x(

mojo said...

sedih je dgr..
i know da feel.
bosan tol bila brng yg cambest hilang.
nx nanges pun mcm tx guna.
phone sony aku pun ilang.
mmg murah tp klau bwk men rugby pun tahan kot.
saje nx luah perasaan gak.

p/s: kwn aku ckp kna btul2 redha. ti bole jumpa blik. aku da buat tp tx works pun.
mane phone aku??