Thursday, July 9, 2009


It has been while since i updated my blog. Sorry for that, Not that there's many ppl who actually reads it right? x )
So many things has happened to me recently, in these short times. All my friends came back from their college for a holiday and most of them has gone back to their college to continue with studies except for me. Im still waiting for my result. Which i really hope i did well this time. I cant afford to fail literally and financially. The most memorable moments to me was that when i confessed my biggest secret to my best friends. I never actually thought i would tell them. Never in my dreams, i dreamt of telling any of them. I really hope they keep tpo themselves and respect my wishes. And for you guys whom i did not confess to, well, i guess you and i have trust issues... XD
belive me, its not your fault... I just dont trust people easily.. hehehe....

anyway, on the next post, i willl be putting some pictures of my holidays with my friends!
BTW, i love karoake and sushi! Amazing huh? who thought i could sing.

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