Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I drove!

Yesterday was my first day driving on the road. Within 1 hour i completed 3 routes all together. I think Im a pro... How now??? hehehehehe..... although if u ask me to do it again then i cant remember... i can only remember one route which was the shortest. I feel so confident driving but then what makes it scary is that this time arounnd i got a teacher that literally follows the book. I know its good but come on... going below 30km per hour all the time is really tedious and tiyering. Speed skit je dia kata pelahan kan kenderaan... mcm ape je...
but after the driving and all i feel so much happier because after dinner which we went to Kapitan in town to have it.... My dad allowed me to drive from kapitan to giant then from giant to home! Actually, my dad said im still amateur so i insist by sitting at the driver seats before he got to the car.... so, he's forced to give me... hehehehehe..... XD

well, im going to study a little after this. I feel kinda guilty for not studying but actually i studied today but i still feel guilty. I cant wait for the exam to finish and finally have my own car... hehehehehe.....


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