Tuesday, July 14, 2009


today i had a small chat with my sister. My sister wants me to stay in kl because she wants me to be around here and at the same time watch over aidan but living with her sometimes can be frightening. In what sense? well, many aspect need to be meticulously considered! if u know what i mean... :P

I want to get a job that obviously pays well because i dislike to be financially unstable. So working for money, i seriously dont mind but where to work is what i consider seriously...Well, kena jage standard ar....hehehehe..... So what i have been doing so far is to create a resume and im done with it. I have a resume! God, i feel so old... i know staying in denial about your age just makes u feel and look old but still, times moves so fast....

anyway, im on job hunting.. thru the internet which i may add... nothing good is coming out from it.


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