Friday, July 17, 2009

keep blogging!

I realized that once u dont blog in a day or two, u'll feel so lazy to start blogging again. That's why im trying to keep up to date. But the thing is, once i get home in penang, i wont blog as much as i do it here. The reason being is that at home there's no wifi. I keep asking my bro to have one but he's so damn lazy to do one. So here's an early appology for not updating my blog in the future. Like there are ppl who actually follows.. Right?hehehehe

not typing much tonight except that im quite happy that my sister told me that she is going to buy me the topman shoe that i really like. But then i have to wait for the end of the month. But stilll... cant really depend on her because she has a lot to pay. Im only asking if she really has some extra for me... :D

I tried searching it in the internet as i want to shop u the picture but then i cant find it. I guess i'll just have to show if off to you guys when i bought it!.....


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