Thursday, January 28, 2010


I finally met up with A! It was not easy at all. I had to persuade A to see me and i assure you it sounded more like a stalker then a friend. Well, i dont have a choice. I need this closure with A. Honestly, im so suprised with A. A has changed into the unexpected. We talked a lot. I cried a lot. Not even a single tears came down from A. Finally, A admits that A does not give a fuck about me anymore and that A wants to forget about my existence. Im pretty upset and sad about it but i cant do anything to convince A anymore. I think i need to move on and i need to do it soon because its not good for me and i want to show to A that i have changed since A told me that i have not change a bit. NVM, although im respecting A's wishes of which A does not want to see me anymore, i just hope that one day A would come to realise what i've done for A. I will never forget A. Never.

I hope A would stick to this decision. A told me that A has converted A'self into a muslim person. Im very proud of A and i hope A would be a better muslim in the future. I hope A give time to A'self to really understand how being an Islam is. All the best syg!

As im writting this im in kl... The internet connection is slow and the weather is just so hot and humid. Suddenly i feel extremely fat. Kakak told me that if i get a job i'll be starting on the 1st of february. But then this sunday i have to leave back to penang. Im not readu to leave penang just yet because i have not cleaned up my room. And there's so many things that i have to do. And if i don't do it.. My heart would not feel at ease.

I miss A and im going to miss A forever. I feel like crying. Ya Allah.. Tabahkanlah Hati aku. Carikanlah teman bagiku. Engkaulah Maha Berkuasa.. Amin!

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