Saturday, August 1, 2009


Heya!!!! It has been awhile since i updated my blog and if u are a follower, you'll know why. honestly, i dont know how many people actually read my blog so give me some credit by adding comments will you? :D

anyway,on my last post i said that im going back to penang and when im there i would not be able to update my blog. so guess where i am right now? yes yes, im in kl for my grandma's birthday. Let me tell u now, it was dull!

Im so so happy and sad at the same time because i did something which i think its wrong. I have a big crush on someone. everybody knows that from my previous post, my ex's name is A, but right now my new crush name is also A. so what shoud i label my new crush? erm................
how about aa?,aas?budak2, comel......................aah.. i know.. comelku? how's that?hehehehehe... only fatin knows who comelku is.... hehehe... and i bet fatin would laugh if she reads this.... :D

a bit intro on comelku.... comelku is so cute, very humble and shy... i like anybody who is shy.... because shy people are good in bed... :P
erm... tall, pretty and has fantastic hair.........
enough.... that's all im saying.. nanti u all tau pelak sape die....

neways, when i got home in penang my dad decided to do some renovation. Since ever he came back from his new in laws house in kelantan, he feels as if he need to have a big garden full with flowers and tress... i guess he envied them for having such large garden.. but hey papa.... they are in kelantan... big lands are cheap.... Im not going to argue with it because it is done. My dad renovated by throwing away all the grasss and replaced it with cement but at the same time managed to grow more grass to build aidan's new football field. Oh GoD!

so when i got back things were still half way thru and guess what? if i had not been back, i guess it would never finished on time at all.. So what i have been doing so far for the last week was painting the house and help the bangla's with some heavy liftings. Guess what? i may only lost 1 kg out of it. SHIT!

nvm, this month onwards im really planning to go on a real diet... wanna know why? welll, to get comelku to fall for my beauty pulak la.... im so sick of me falling for other ppl... i want ppl to like me at first glance.

ok, so since my dad paid the bangla 55 bucks a day, i decided to claim for the 4 days i worked and go to langkawi!. GOD! i will tell u more of langkawi on the next post. Here are some pictures... enjoy!

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